We represent your rights!

The law firm Hegarhaus stands for high professional competence. We consider our specialisation in the areas of criminal law, industrial relations law, family law and inheritance law as a fundamental prerequisite for rapid and successful handling of your mandate. The magazine "Focus" has in recent years repeatedly listed several members of our firm among "Germany's top lawyers".

We consider the firm's orientation to be focussed on civil and social justice. A focus on civil justice means that we understand our activity to complement and counterbalance that of other participants in the legal process, by consistently defending the rights of citizens against authorities and courts. A focus on social justice means that we do not hesitate to take on mandates against economically stronger opponents. It also means that we time and again act on behalf of financially disadvantaged clients, provided their legal claim has a good prospect of success.

Above all, however, we consider a high level of expertise to be a fundamental prerequisite for the reliable and successful handling of every mandate. Therefore, we have specialised in specific areas of law, thus ensuring that the required expertise remains up to date both in terms of an extensive specialised literature and continuous professional development.

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