Fields of law

Industrial Relations Law
We advise and represent all employees, from the temp to the manager, both outside of court and at all German industrial relations courts in all matters of industrial relations law.
Family Law
We act on behalf of women and men in all areas of family law, in particular in the drafting of prenuptial and divorce agreements, in divorce cases, with regard to alimony law, in property disputes and in disputes around child custody and access rights.
Criminal Law
Criminal defence has a long tradition in the law firm Hegarhaus. Our self-image as defence lawyers in terms of an effective advocacy for our clients is based on 40 years of experience in criminal defence.
Inheritance Law
We support clients through advice, through extrajudicial assertion of their rights, as well as in proceedings for the issuance of an inheritance certificate in a probate court or, if necessary, in the enforcement of their claims through the ordinary jurisdiction.
General Civil Law
We represent clients both in and outside of court in all areas of general civil law and contract law. This encompasses in particular sales contract law, work contract law, service contract law, tort law as well as enrichment law.
Civil Service Law
We advise and represent clients both in and outside court in matters concerning civil service law, including recruitment, promotion, transfer, incapacity to work, retirement, dismissal, professional appraisal, work accidents and disciplinary procedures.
In mediation proceedings, the conflicting parties engage an impartial arbitrator who supports them in finding a self-determined, amicable solution to their dispute.
Social Security Law
We advise and represent clients in all aspects of social law that interface directly with employment law.
Traffic Law
We represent and defend clients in the areas of traffic law and criminal traffic law, both in and outside of court.

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